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    Upcoming events:

    Éislek 2024

    We are delighted to introduce our upcoming signature event: the highly anticipated 2024 National Selection Conference. Under the exceptional leadership of our HO organiser Sabine , this edition promises to be nothing short of spectacular.

    This time, our journey will take us and our delegates to the enchanting northern region of Éislek, showcasing the breathtaking beauty of Luxembourg’s natural landscapes. Our aim is simple yet profound: We want to show that Luxembourg is not only made up of urban centers, but also has enchanting natural wonders to offer.

    If you would like to contribute or participate in this extraordinary project, stay tuned to our Instagram and Facebook, where we will announce details on how to apply to become a delegate.

    Lëtz Eat!

    We are delighted to unveil an exciting school event for the month of April. In collaboration with the Ecole Privée Fieldgen, we’re thrilled to launch the first of what we hope will be many engaging two-day sessions. This endeavor has been made possible through the outstanding efforts of our project manager, Deborah Olympio.

    Centered around the theme of locally sourced food and the crucial issue of reducing food waste, our aim is to introduce newcomers to these important topics and highlight the role of youth in shaping political discussions.

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    Past events :

    National Training Day 2024

    During the national training day led by our project manager Deborah, attendees received an introduction to the network’s functioning and potential roles. Multiple trainers provided guidance on the various roles, explaining application procedures and strategies for success. This helped participants understand how they can progress within the network and improve their soft skills.


    This year’s Winter Council was our first biannual General Assembly. The Board presented activity reports, outlined future goals and introduced “Éislek 2024 – The 11th EYP Luxembourg National Selection Conference”. Members had the opportunity to discuss various topics such as public relations and budgeting and ask questions to the Board.

    Belval 2023 – 10th NSC

    Belval 2023 was the highlight of the year for EYP Luxembourg. Under the organization of our Head-Organizer, 120 young people from all over Europe came together to discuss various social and economic issues in the beautiful city of Belval here in Luxembourg. We are very proud to have been awarded the European Charlemagne Youth Prize at national level for this event and hope to continue our mission of making youth politics more accessible.