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Welcome to the home of the European Youth Parliament of Luxembourg. If you wish to learn more about what we are and what we do, or if you want to get involved feel free to take a look around!

What is EYP?

The European Youth Parliament’s aim is to to encourage the youth’s interest in current political affairs and democratic processes. Through parliamentary simulations we make politics an active and real experience. Participants are encouraged to practice independent thinking and to take personal initiative for their own and the European future.

On a regular basis so called sessions are being organised all over Europe. Participants get to know each other through a series of group exercises and problem-solving tasks. Next participants join one among many committees, facing the challenge of writing a resolution. New and innovative solutions are explored, where one’s own experiences and visions are equally important as expert analyses. The highlight of every event is the General Assembly, a gathering of all participants, to evaluate the results of committee work. During open debates, each committee presents and defends their common vision in a parlamentary simulation.

The results of the European Youth Parliament‘s work are visible and sustainable: Session evaluations show a vast majority of our participants are willing to get involved in politics and civil society. Claiming to have acquired important skills for their personal future through their experience of active democratic decisionmaking.

EYP in numbers

As EYP is an ambitious multinational project it is only natural that impressive achievements accumulate over time. These are our current numbers according the EYP's Annual Reports. Take a look!

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