Why EYP?

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The case for EYP

What draws 20’000 youngster to the 200+ EYP events each year? What is our impact on both the individuals and Europe? How come six youngster spend a good chunk of their free time on founding an organisation for youngsters to debate and exchange opinions on European politics in Luxembourg?

What and why

The European Youth Parliament’s aim is to to encourage the youth’s interest in current political affairs and democratic processes. Through parliamentary simulations we make politics an active and real experience.
Participants are encouraged to practice independent thinking and to take personal initiative for their own and the European future.

Our results

The results of the European Youth Parliament‘s work are visible and sustainable:
Session evaluations show that more than 70% of our participants are willing to get involved in
politics and civil society. Close to 80 % of the youngsters claim to have acquired important skills for their personal future through their experience of active democratic decisionmaking.
Moreover, more than 80 % of the delegates show higher interest for Europe after having participated in one of our events.

The why for a simulation

This action-oriented approach, e.g. the direct experience of political decision-making processes, leads to a deeper understanding of political processes and decisions.
Finally, the methodology of a simulation allows for the development of innovative arguments and experiencing limits of politics and policies.
In summary therefore, this approach promotes self-confidence, creativity, understanding of complex decision-making processes and shows the possibilities and limits with regards to enforcing national and European interests in an innovative and interactive way.

The three phases of the simulation

All our events consist of three distinct phases: Teambuilding, Committee Work and the General Assembly.
During the first part of the session, the participants get to know each other through a series of group dynamic exercises and problem-solving tasks, which help them to form a team, set up their own rules and lay the foundation for a successful committee work.
Well prepared to take the next step, the committees are facing the challenge of writing a resolution.
The young Europeans have to find different, new and innovative solutions, trying to best employ their cultural backgrounds and experiences made. One’s own experiences and visions
are equally important as expert analyses and will become visible in their motion for a resolution.
The highlight of every event is the General Assembly, which reunites all participants, to consider the results of committee work. During the open debates, each committee presents and defends their motion for a resolution.


We hope this short text gave you a short overview on some of the reasons why we want to make the case for the EYP.
If you want to know a bit more about the different stages of an EYP session and read more about how we work, feel free to take a look at the following Prezi:http://prezi.com/nne0sv1tf1ih/?utm_campaign=share&utm_medium=copy&rc=ex0share

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