Council of Members



24th June 2016 17:30 at Maison de la Jeunesse, 87, route de Thionville L-2611 Luxembourg



Dear Members of EYP Luxembourg,

The year is slowly but surely coming to an end, which means that it’s time for this board to make a conclusion on their achievements. Therefor it is our upmost pleasure to invite you all to this year’s Council of Members (aka. Assemblée Générale). But we will not only discuss what happened in the last twelve months, but will also discuss and vote upon some working documents that will define our organisation for the future. Also will we vote for a new board. If you are motivated to run for the board of EYP Luxembourg please read the call attaced to this invitation. All the working documents and a compilation of the candidates running for the board will be send to you the week prior to the meeting.

Important: In order to participate and be allowed to vote in the board elections you need to register before the Meeting until the 18th June.  

Click here to register!  If you cannot attend the meeting you can give your proxy to another member, but no one can have more then 1 proxy !




1. Welcoming

2. Constitution of an Election Board

3. Activity Report of EYP LU

4. Financial Report of EYP LU

5. Discussion and Voting of Working Documents

6. Presentation of Candidates running for the Board

7. Voting

8. Introduction the new EYP Member Platform

9. Announcement of Election Results

10. Social Time