Luxembourg 2015

Realising European Ideals

EYP Luxembourg’s 2nd National Selection Conference

April 2015

This April EYP Luxembourg will bring 150 people from over 15 countries for an intercultural exchange to debate European politics. Theme: “Realising European Ideals”. 



“Last year in spring, EYP Luxembourg celebrated its first National Selection Conference by inviting over 100 people from 15 countries with over 20 nationalities to Schengen, the birthplace of the free-movement agreement. This year, we want to bring 150 young people from all across Europe to our wonderful capital to better understand, and act on European ideals by engaging with them. In Luxembourg city, we are offering you an incredible program that mixes wonderful locations and food with the chance to try yourself at a 5 day session and challenge yourself at this NSC! ”

 – Valeria Franco, Head Organiser. 


Team of the Organisers