Get involved in EYP Luxembourg!

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It is great that you are interested in getting involved.


  • you´re young!
  • you´re currently studying or going to school in Europe
  • you´re open-minded and curious to discover alternative views, other cultures and new people
  • you have an interest in issues that affect the society we live in
  • you appreciate the value of fun

then EYP might be right for


By getting involved in EYP, you will not only have the chance to participate in national and international sessions, but you can also benefit from a personal point of view:

  • Get your voice heard and share your opinions with others.
  • Build new skills in debating and public speaking.
  • Learn about the key issues facing Europe.
  • Meet new people, share new ideas and make new friends.
  • Make your CV or application stand out.
  • Develop the skills employers are looking for.

If this couldn’t convince you yet, watch the following movie 😉

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